Was Led Zeppelin Offered $14 Million to Reunite for Coachella?

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Flickr | Paul Hudson

You can put a price tag on anything, but that doesn’t mean you can buy it. Showbiz411.com claims LED ZEPPELIN was offered $14 MILLION to reunite for the Desert Trip festival . . . a.k.a. the Classic Rock Coachella.

The site says Jimmy Page was all about it, but Robert Plant wouldn’t do it. Everyone was offered the same money . . . $7 million per weekend, with the festival happening in Indio, California, over the two middle weekends in October.

Once again, the bill features: Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Neil Young, the Who, Roger Waters, and Bob Dylan. One source says they had to pony up a little more for McCartney and the Stones, and that the acts will also get a cut of merchandise sales.

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