A Jury Has Decided That Led Zeppelin Did Not Rip-Off Spirit

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If you were holding out hope that LED ZEPPELIN would lose their “Stairway to Heaven” copyright case . . . and be ordered to pay tens of millions of dollars in damages, so they’d be FORCED to do a reunion tour for money . . . well, that’s some creative thinking. But it won’t be happening.

Zeppelin won the case. A jury in L.A. unanimously ruled in the band’s favor . . . deciding that Jimmy Page and Robert Plant didn’t rip-off SPIRIT’s “Taurus” for the intro to “Stairway”.

The jury said that even if the band would’ve heard “Taurus” before writing “Stairway”, the “original elements” are not “extrinsically similar.”

The plaintiff’s lawyer wasn’t satisfied . . . and said, quote, “They won on a technicality. We proved they had access to the music, but [the jury] never heard the music. So the jury’s sitting there with basically blinders on.”

The plaintiff had to rely on SHEET MUSIC, because that’s the only thing that’s registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. They had people come in and play it on guitar and on piano . . . but apparently that didn’t impress the jury.

The chord progressions in the studio versions DO sound very similar, but experts have also said that other songs have used those chords dating back CENTURIES.

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