Led Zeppelin Premiere Previously Unreleased Song ‘Sunshine Woman’

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Led Zeppelin have shared a song called “Sunshine Woman”, which is yet another previously unreleased track from their upcoming of ‘The Complete BBC Sessions’ reissue.

The newly expanded version of ‘The BBC Sessions,’ which features the band’s live recording on the British network that were made between 1969 through 71, is set to be released on September 16th and includes a number of rarities.

“Sunshine Woman” is said to be the only take of the song which Jimmy Page says was “basically made up on the spot” on Alexis Korner’s World Service Show in March 1969, according to UCR.

He elaborates, “It was pretty brave, bearing in mind the circumstances. We played it as if we were in rehearsals, starting it around the riff and then working it out. It shows that we were evolving pretty quickly.”

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