Lemmy Kilmister’s Long Awaited Solo Album Close To Release

Photo Credit: Adam Kliczek
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Photo Credit: Adam Kliczek

Motorhead fans have not heard the last music from the late frontman Lemmy Kilmister as it has been revealed that the debut solo album from the hard rock icon may be released later this year.

Jim Voxx of the band Skew Siskin says that he has been working on the record and provided some details during an interview on the Steve Goldby Talks Metal show on TotalRock (via Metal Talk) and Motorhead seemed to have confirm his comment by sharing a link to the interview on their official Facebook page.

Voxx told the show, “We are also in the very last stages of the Lemmy solo album. I still don’t know when it will be released because this is in the hands of the Motorhead management and it took a while now but you know, Lemmy had so many things left, there are so many other recordings and they all had to sort out how to proceed and there is no real time rush to release this album so I can imagine it will be towards the end of this year.”

“The songs are composed by Lemmy and when he started with me doing this, that was back in 2003, he didn’t have a real idea what would be on it so he came to me and asked me if I would work with him on this because I was able to provide him the studio time he needed because as you know, always during summer Motorhead was doing festivals here in Europe and he used Berlin as a springboard so he had the time in the summer to be here and work on further tracks.

“He also recorded some tracks in America with Dave Grohl or Reverend Horton Heat, and in London he was working with The Damned, and all these tracks came to me to Berlin, because I am the producer of the album, and we continued working on this.” He revealed more details, which you can read here.

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