This is the kind of story that’ll make you even sadder that CHESTER BENNINGTON is gone.

MIKE SHINODA says LINKIN PARK once pulled a prank on METALLICA while they were onstage, in the middle of “Master of Puppets”.

He says, quote, “We came out with picnic baskets and sandwiches, and [went up on stage] while they were playing [that] song and just had a picnic.  Chester was skateboarding back and forth.

“We were bringing out orange juice and having this little thing, which they thought was hysterical.”

(Mike told the story on Sirius XM’s Turbo channel.  You can listen to it here.)

Linkin Park Once Had a Picnic Onstage While Metallica Was Doing "Master of Puppets" -  KFRQ Q94.5