Linkin Park Release Music Video Game

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( Linkin Park doesn’t just want you to watch their new music video, they want you to play with it. The band’s new clip for “Guilty All the Same” is an interactive six-minute video game that was created in the Windows/Xbox game-maker program Project Spark.

In an interview with Billboard, bandmates Joe Hahn and Mike Shinoda explained that the idea for the video came last year after Hahn attended the annual video game convention, E3.

“I saw this cool demo for Project Spark, and it just blew my mind,” Hahn said. “For me, the next step was to see if we could showcase our next song as a game instead of a video.”

For Shinoda, it’s a lifelong dream come to fruition. “Since I was a kid, I wanted to make games,” he said. In an interview with, Linkin Park talked about the dark and gritty new song, which is a little different than what they’ve been doing as of late.

“It’s louder; it’s more visceral than anything we’ve done recently,” Shinoda said. “The reason we went with this single first is that we think it’s a good look into the DNA of the record that we’re putting out this summer.” Check out the video here.


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