Linkin Park Says They Didn’t Sell Out, They’re Just Not Going to Sound Like They Did 20 Years Ago

LINKIN PARK is putting out their new album “One More Light” next Friday . . . but some fans are already bummed, because they think the poppier sound of their single “Heavy” is a sign that they’ve SOLD OUT.

Well, CHESTER BENNINGTON doesn’t want to hear it.  He says that if you’re expecting them to sound like they did 17 years ago . . . you’ll be disappointed.

Quote, “I don’t care.  If you like the music, fantastic.  If you don’t . . . that’s your opinion too.  Fantastic . . . When we made ‘Hybrid Theory’ [in 2000], I was the oldest guy in the band and in my early 20s.  “That’s why I guess I’m like:  ‘Why are we still talking about ‘Hybrid Theory’?’  It’s [effing] years ago.  It’s a great record, we love it.  Like, move the [eff] on.”

(You’re never going to please some people.  Pearl Jam sounds exactly like they did 30 years ago . . . and some people make fun of them for not evolving enough.)

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