Listen NOW: Man Calls 911 to Ask Where He Can Buy Some Marijuana

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You’d have to be high to call the police with a question like this.  But apparently this guy wasn’t, which makes it even more confusing.

A man in Hillsboro, Oregon called 911 earlier this month to ask, quote, “Where can I buy some marijuana this morning?”  And it was 9:41 at night.

He caught the dispatcher WAY off guard . . . she said, quote, “Do you realize you called the police department?”

The guy said, quote, “No, I didn’t.  That’s very interesting.  Well, let me ask you the same question.”  Then, he asked AGAIN where he could buy some marijuana.

The dispatcher told him she didn’t know and hung up.

She sent out a cop to check on him . . . but amazingly, he wasn’t arrested.

(ABC 2 – Portland)

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