Man Bites Postman For Not Delivering a Check

You probably know the feeling of waiting anxiously all day to get a package in the mail or from UPS.  As an adult, it’s pretty much the closest we get to the feeling of Christmas morning as a kid.  Life is sad.

Anyway, on Saturday, 25-year-old Robert Kiefer of Akron, Ohio spent the entire day anxiously waiting for a check to come in the mail.

Finally, around 3:30 P.M., his 56-year-old postman delivered his mail . . . but NO CHECK.

Naturally, Robert immediately placed the blame on the POSTMAN.  And, as if life isn’t hard enough for postal workers right now . . . Robert ATTACKED the guy.

Robert PEPPER SPRAYED him, then BIT HIM in the leg.  They started wrestling in the streets until the cops came and broke things up.

Robert was arrested for assault and resisting arrest.  He’s still locked up because he couldn’t post $1,000 bail.  Obviously.  He didn’t get his check, after all.

(Akron Beacon Journal)  

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