TEST TEST 123 Megadeth Not Sure If Mustaine Will Be Part Of Megacruise | KFRQ Q94.5

Megadeth has not yet made a decision if Dave Mustaine will be part of the band’s upcoming Megacruise due to the frontman’s battle with cancer, according to David Ellefson.

The bassist and band co-founder made an appearance on SiriusXM and said that he made a call to Mustaine on his birthday (September 13th. He shared, “we had a nice little chat. We talk every couple of weeks.

“I just really try to let him go through his treatments. He sounded good. Obviously, he is in recovery now for the next several weeks, next couple of months. We put on sale the Megadeth/Five Finger Death Punch tour across Europe starting in January, so the focus now is for Dave to just be fully rested and ready for that.”

Ellefson then revealed that the band has not yet made an official decision about “what we’re gonna do with Megacruise as far as the Megadeth side of it. I know me and Kiko and Dirk will certainly be there.

“We’re hoping Dave is well enough to be there and be part of it, but, of course, the wise heads will have to prevail on that one, with his health being number one priority.

“But, yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to it, man. It’s gonna be great. There’s such a great host of bands on that and all kinds of great events and things that are gonna be happening, so it’s certainly gonna be a killer cruise.”

Story by: K. Wiggins | antimusic.com