Metallica and Other Bands Are Actually Profiting Off the Secondary Market for Ticket Sales

When you buy concert tickets for inflated prices on the secondary market, you never know who’s pocketing the profit.  But as it turns out, it might be the BAND.

“Billboard” has discovered that METALLICA and other artists have actually conspired with Live Nation to sell some tickets directly on resale sites like StubHub without giving fans a chance to buy them at face value.

Basically, they’re scalping THEIR OWN tickets, which increases their profits and cuts the actual scalpers out of the equation.  And there’s actually nothing illegal about it.  The problem is, it feels shady, and it’s not a good look for an artist or their brand.

Live Nation has admitted to doing it, but only at the request of the artists involved.  So far, Metallica is the only band that’s been singled out.

Live Nation also says this happens a lot less now, because artists use things like dynamic pricing, platinum seating, and VIP packages to, quote, “recapture value previously lost to the secondary market.”

(You can read all about this chaos here.)

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