Metallica Resuming Work On New Album

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(Classic Rock) Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo says the band will get together this month to continue work on their 10th album – the follow-up to 2008’s Death Magnetic.
The band released Lords Of Summer – First Pass Version in June, with drummer Lars Ulrich stating the track was “fairly representative” of Metallica’s new material.

Now Trujillo says they’ll get together this month to begin fleshing out tracks they’ve been working on. He tells Lucas H Gordon’s YouTube channel: “We’ve been writing for a couple of years. We had a 3D movie called Through The Never, so that detoured us along with a couple of other things. But mid-September, we’re going to get back to the drawing board and continue to jam and write and prepare new music for the universe.” Read more and watch the video interview here.

Source: Classic Rock Magazine

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