Mind-Blowing New Inventions: Bacon Alarm Clock, Female Climax at the Touch of a Button and an App That Ends Bad Dates

Oscar Mayer is releasing a BACON-SCENTED ALARM CLOCK for your iPhone.  You put a little attachment on the bottom of your phone, and when it’s time to wake up, it releases the SMELL OF BACON.  For now, the only way to get it is to enter a contest on their website.  (Mashable)

2.  A surgeon in North Carolina has cracked the ULTIMATE MYSTERY.  He’s created a device that can be implanted in a woman . . . and it gives them a full-on CLIMAX at just the touch of a button.  It’s about to enter clinical trials in Minneapolis, so unfortunately it’ll be a few years until it’s available.  (Beatbeat)

Apparently, it’s a tiny device that implants their brain with an image of George Clooney holding a gallon of Haagen-Dazs and begging you to schedule another brunch with your mother.

What a waste of time . . . everyone knows women don’t have orgasms.

3.  If you’ve ever asked a friend to call you during a date in case you need an excuse to get out of there . . . a new app called Tickle is automating the process.  The app uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to sense your awkwardness on a date.

It monitors things like fidgeting or shaking your leg.  And if it senses enough, it generates a FAKE PHONE CALL you can answer and use to escape.  The app is coming soon . . . you can sign up for a waiting list now.  (Tickle)

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