Motley Crue Is Working with a Nutritionist to Gear Up for Their Tour -  KFRQ Q94.5

Now that MOTLEY CRUE has un-retired, they have to transition from old-man-shape back into rock-star-shape.

The band’s manager Allen Kovac says, quote, “Some of them are working with a trainer, [and] some of them are working with a nutritionist, to make themselves the best they can be . . .

“We were in November when the discussions were happening, and these guys were already into regimens of how they get ready for a tour.”

Kovac also dismissed fans’ concerns about the health of Crue guitarist Mick Mars, who’s been dealing with chronic arthritis and a hip replacement . . . and singer Vince Neil for his supposed diminished voice and weight gain.

He said:

“Let’s see what Vince sings like and looks like when the tour goes out.”

The tour launches in July.