Mötley Crüe Reunited in the studio But Not In Talks For Live Reunion

Motley Crue have reunited in the studio to record new music for their biopic “The Dirt” but Nikki Sixx says that the members have not discussed the idea of playing together live again.

The band signed an agreement to not tour again before they kicked off their farewell tour, but the idea of the band reuniting for one off live shows doesn’t seem to violate that agreement.

However, the band members are not even looking at that option according to Sixx. He told Classic Rock, “We haven’t even had that talk. We’ve just been wrapped up in the movie.

“Yeah, I miss the guys, and I miss playing with them, and playing that music, but everyone’s fairly busy with their own thing. That’s a whole conversation that we haven’t even had at that point. And I don’t know if we ever will.”

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Mötley Crüe – Dr. Feelgood (Official Music Video)
Mötley Crüe playing at Sweden rock festival 2012. Photo credit: Bjornsphoto

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