Mugshot of the Day: A “Maxim” Model Was Busted For Drunk Driving

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“Esquire” named 29-year-old Ralitsa Ivanoca the hottest woman in Bulgaria back in 2010. She’s been the cover model for the Bulgarian version of “Maxim” twice, and still works as a professional model today.

But none of that mattered early Wednesday morning, when she was driving SO DRUNK through Florida that she had no idea where she was.

A cop in Land O’ Lakes, Florida pulled her over for swerving, and she told him she was trying to drive from Tampa to her home in St. Petersburg.

But she’d driven almost 30 miles in the wrong direction. Maybe she was trying to drive to St. Petersburg, Russia?

She failed some sobriety tests and was arrested for a DUI.

(Tampa Tribune

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