Listening To Classical Music Doesn’t Make You Smarter . . . And Three Other Myths About Your Brain

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Popular Science” posted a list of myths about the brain that a lot of people still think are true. You probably know some of them . . . like that we don’t really just use 10% of our brains. But here are four you might not know.

Myth #1. Adults don’t produce new brain cells. They thought it was true for 130 years, until a study in 1998 found we DO . . . in the part of the brain that helps store memories. And a study last year found new cells in other parts of adult brains too.

Myth #2. Listening to classical music makes you smarter. A study in 1993 found it raised people’s I.Q.’s, but no one’s been able to replicate the results. And a Harvard study in 1999 contradicted it.

Myth #3. Some people are visual learners, and have to see something to remember it. A recent survey found 96% of teachers think that’s the case.

But the truth is that while we do tend to have an easier time with certain subjects if there’s a visual, that’s true for ALL of us. So the “visual learner” thing is just a myth.

Myth #4. Drinking any amount of alcohol kills brain cells. Drinking a LOT can, but even that doesn’t make a huge difference. Researchers in Denmark recently looked at the brains of alcoholics, and they had the same number of brain cells as non-alcoholics.

(Popular Science / Wired)

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