Nature is Metal! Watch a Firenado suck up a fireman’s Hose and melt it

A couple of months ago we saw a firenado turn into a waterspout. Well, this firenado did something that some first responders in Canada had never seen before. It took away their firehose by sucking it 200 feet into the air and melting it.

They tried to hang on, but no luck. In fact, one of the firefighters was so frustrated he threw a rock at it.

“Fire destroyed our line,” Instagram user M.C. Schidlowsky, who was part of the fire crew in British Columbia, wrote. “It threw burning logs across our guard for 45 minutes and pulled our hose 100 plus ft. in the air before melting it. That’s definitely a first.”

Here’s the video

Here’s the Firenado turning into a waterspout video from a few months ago.

Fire tornados, also known as fire vortices, are not tornadoes in the true sense of that word. They occur when a gust of extremely hot air blows through the fire at a certain angle, producing a spinning momentum, which then sucks up embers and debris.

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