(NC-17) Lenny Kravitz Exposed His Junk When His Pants Ripped Onstage


LENNY KRAVITZ was playing for a pretty huge crowd in Stockholm, Sweden on Monday, when he crouched down and ripped his leather pants. Right at the crotch. Oh, and he was COMMANDO at the time.

So yeah, the crowd got a clear look at his equipment. And thanks to the Internet, so can YOU. Now, I don’t want to go supposing anything, but it looks like maybe Lenny had some kind of RING on it. Or maybe it’s a piercing, but it’s pretty high up.

Lenny finished the song, which was his crappy version of “American Woman”, then went backstage for some new pants.

Lenny’s member attracted the attention of AEROSMITH singer STEVEN TYLER, who sent Lenny a text saying, quote,

“Dude . . . no underwear and pierced. [Eff] me. You never showed me that [stuff].”

Lenny Tweeted the text, and added the hashtag “penisgate”.

Check out a picture here

(And here’s a very explicit GIF, so you can see it happen over and over again.  WARNING!!!  Man-meat awaits you!)

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