Nicolas Cage and Vince Neil Got Into a Fight . . . And There’s Video

NICOLAS CAGE and MOTLEY CRUE singer VINCE NEIL got into a fight on the Las Vegas strip this past Thursday . . . and TMZ got video of the tail end of the chaos.

It started inside the Aria Hotel, when a woman approached Cage for his autograph. For some reason, this upset Vince, who yanked her to the ground by her HAIR. That’s when they started mixing it up.

On TMZ’s video, Nic is trying to HUG Vince, calm him down, and get him into a car. He seems pretty lit, and he says, quote, “I [effing] love you, stop this [crap] now!”

It’s hard to tell if Vince is under the influence, but it’s probably an easy bet. By the end of the clip, they’re practically making out. Vince was cited for battery for what he did to the woman, so he’s got a court date to look forward to.

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