Oh No: Two Guys Tried to Swallow a Bunch of Meth in the Back of a Cop Car and Split It Up By Kissing

meth swap
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Last month, two guys in Oklahoma named Timothy Povlick and Derek Boff got pulled over about 45 miles north of Tulsa.  And Timothy had outstanding warrants, so the cops put him in the back of their squad car.  Then Derek got arrested too, and they put him in the same car.

What the cops didn’t know was Timothy was hiding three eight balls of METH in his mouth.  And while they were alone in the car, he and Derek started talking about it.  And Timothy said he was going to SWALLOW it all.

But Derek decided it was a bad idea, because that much meth probably would have KILLED HIM.  So he came up with the brilliant plan to split it up, and each swallow half.  The problem was, they were both handcuffed.

So to transfer some of the meth to Derek, they decided to LOCK LIPS, noting that they were, quote, “going to have to be GAY for a second.”  What they didn’t know was the cop car had a security camera that records audio.

And when police watched the footage, they saw what happened and rushed Timothy to the hospital . . . because even what he swallowed would have killed him.  It’s not clear if Derek swallowed his half or not.  But both men are now facing drug charges.

(Fox23 / NY Daily News)

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