Would You Pay $1 Million to See Radiohead and the Deftones in Iceland?

Photo Credit: Flickr: Al Pavangkanan : Die Antwoord
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Photo Credit: Flickr: Al Pavangkanan : Die Antwoord

The world’s most expensive music festival ticket will run you $1 MILLION . . . and no, it isn’t an all expenses paid trip to Coachella, where you can watch the entire show sitting on Jared Leto’s lap, while Vanessa Hudgens feeds you shrooms.

And it also won’t make you the 38th member of ARCADE FIRE for the night.

Instead, $1 million affords you the opportunity to fly to Iceland to see a festival featuring RADIOHEAD, the DEFTONES, and OF MONSTERS AND MEN. And yes, those are the biggest bands. (???)

There are a lot of other perks: Fly in on your own private jet, two private performances, access to luxury cars and drivers, helicopter transfers, tours, a luxury villa, and access to the world’s first concert inside a volcano.

The Secret Solstice festival package includes high-end accommodations for you and five friends for seven nights, access to some sort of “VIP bar,” 24-hour access to personal assistants, and a, quote, “personal engraved and framed memorial ticket for each guest, made from Icelandic lava rock.”

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