People being Awesome. Animal Shelter in Austin Flooded, So people lined up to Adopt the Pets

Texas is dealing with a ton of flash flooding right now. Some areas have gotten almost two feet of rain this month. But not all the news is bad . . .

A no-kill animal shelter in Austin got flooded on Monday. The cages were filled with several inches of water, and they had to put all of the dogs and cats in crates.

But someone at the shelter posted photos of the flooding on Facebook, and by the end of the day, dozens of people had lined up outside to take a pet home with them.

Most people just took a dog or a cat for the night, until the water receded. But some of the pets actually got adopted. And by the end of the day, every single dog and cat had a place to stay.

There are photos online of people lined up down the block, and other people showed up with stuff like cleaning supplies and dry towels. The shelter also got a bunch of donations to help with the cleanup.

(Mashable / Reddit / Austin Pets Alive)

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