People Are Falling in Love With a Woman Thanks to Her Sexy Mugshot

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Sarah Seawrights sexy mugshot is winning hearts on the social networks

Do you remember a few years back when a guy in California got arrested and looked SO HANDSOME in his mugshot that he had a modeling career waiting for him when he got out of jail? Well, his female counterpart just surfaced.

A 24-year-old woman named Sarah Seawright was arrested in Pulaski County, Arkansas earlier this month. She had a warrant out because she’d missed a court date in 2014 for careless driving and driving without insurance.

Well . . . she took QUITE a mugshot. In fact, she looks SO good that it’s been going viral.

(A lot of the people posting it are using the hashtag “#PrisonBae.” That makes me shudder in horror, but your mileage may vary.)

But before you fall in love with her, you should know this isn’t Sarah’s first time getting into legal trouble. She’s also been charged in the past for aggravated robbery, kidnapping, battery, and evidence tampering.

Anyway, she’s out on bail right now so, you know, if you still want to make your move, better get on that quick.

(NBC 4 – Oklahoma City


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