People Look Hotter After They’ve Had One Drink . . . But Sloppy After Two

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We don’t want you to start boozing seven days a week . . . but drinking makes you look HOTTER. And NOT because other people are wearing beer goggles. Check this out . . .

A new study out of the University of Bristol in England found people look more attractive after they’ve had one drink than when they’re sober.

The researchers think it’s because it relaxes you . . . your pupils dilate a little bit, the muscles in your face relax, and your cheeks get a little color. And all that makes you better looking to other people.

But . . . that’s where the benefits end. After two drinks or more, you look LESS attractive than when you’re sober.

Once you hit two drinks or more, your face gets TOO relaxed and too flushed . . . and you look SLOPPY.


BTW, There is also a study that says that if you drink with friends, you’ll drink more.


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