Post-Halloween Blues? 8 Tips to Keep the Halloween Spirit Alive

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Your black little heart may be sad at the thought of waiting a whole year for the best holiday of all time, but here’s a list of things that may help cure the Post-Halloween blues…

  1.  All Halloween candy is crazy cheap right now!
  2.  Be an adult and take down this year’s decorations properly and then store them in a dark and spooky place for next year.
  3.  Buy up all the sale priced Halloween decor and think about how rad your house is going to look next Halloween.
  4.  Start working on next year’s Halloween costume, because Janice from accounting will not take first place in the company costume contest again!
  5.  Tell your kids you ate all their Halloween candy, the crying and screaming may remind you of the sounds of Halloween. (Pro Tip: You’re going to want a video of their reaction)
  6.  Take up sewing, store bought costumes are for suckers!
  7.  Start working out, because a built demon from hell is much scarier than a demon from hell with man boobs.
  8.  You know you can watch your favorite Halloween specials and horror movies all yeah long,right? Maybe this time Linus will finally see the Great Pumpkin!

The season of the witch is over and you’re feeling the Post-Halloween blues… All the jack-o-lanterns, spiderwebs, and skeletons are giving way to evergreen trees, fruitcakes… and jolly old Saint Nicholas. These tips should help take the sting out of the wait for next Halloween.

(Written by Alec Palacios, Entravision staff)

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