Rage Against the Machine’s Bassist Apologized for Inspiring Limp Bizkit

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE bassist TIM COMMERFORD claimed responsibility for inspiring rap-rock groups like LIMP BIZKIT.

He told “Rolling Stone”, quote, “I do apologize for Limp Bizkit. I really do. I feel really bad that we inspired such bull[crap] . . . They’re gone, though. That’s the beautiful thing. There’s only one left, and that’s Rage, and as far as I’m concerned, we’re the only one that matters.”

It’s unclear if Tim realizes that Limp is still around, or if he’s saying that they’re no longer relevant.

Limp Bizkit hasn’t commented . . . but Rage DID inspire them. They’ve covered Rage’s “Killing in the Name” countless times. And before playing it at a show last year, FRED DURST told the crowd, quote, “This is dedicated to the rap-rock band that started this [stuff].”

Later, he added, “When I first heard this song, that [crap] hit me right [in the heart]. And this next part . . . changed my life.”

This isn’t their first clash either. At the “VMAs” in 2000, Tim crashed the stage and climbed up the backdrop while Limp Bizkit was accepting an award.

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