Really Unusual Metallica Cover Goes Online

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(Classic Rock) A Metallica fan has launched her cover of classic track One, played on a Chiniese guzheng. Michelle Kwan chose the song because it received the highest number of requests – mirroring the band’s recent By Request shows in which setlists were chosen by ticket-buyers.
It follows her take of Guns N’Roses Sweet Child O’Mine, released last year, which has been viewed more than 1.2 million times. Canada-based Kwan says:

“I’ve seen Metallica in concert twice. My childhood dream is to perform on the big stage like them. If they ever did a collaboration with a guzheng, this is how I imagine it.”

The guzheng, an early form of zither, was invented around 2500 years ago and became the most popular instrument in China over the next millennium. The modern version usually has 21 strings.

Check out the Metallica and the Guns N’ Roses covers here.

(Source: Classic rock)

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