Right in the Feels; An Entire Town Celebrated Halloween and Christmas Early for a 4 Year-Old Boy with Cancer

A four-year-old named Ethan Van Leuven lives in the town of West Jordan, Utah, just south of Salt Lake City. And he was diagnosed with leukemia in 2011, right before his second birthday.

Sadly, his parents recently found out Ethan’s cancer treatments weren’t working. And his doctors say he might only have another two weeks left. So with that in mind, his entire COMMUNITY has been making sure his last days with us are good ones.

Last Tuesday, the town celebrated Halloween a week-and-a-half early, so Ethan could go trick-or-treating as Superman. Then on Thursday, they had a parade to celebrate his fifth birthday, which is next month. And this past weekend, they celebrated CHRISTMAS.

A radio station played nothing but Christmas music for three straight hours on Friday . . . his neighbors put up their Christmas lights early . . . and more than 150 people sang carols in Ethan’s front yard. Then Saturday morning, he got to open all his presents.

Ethan’s dad says it’s been amazing to see how happy and excited Ethan has been this past week. And the amount of love and support they’ve gotten from friends and neighbors has been overwhelming.


(Desert News / Today / Buzzfeed)


Here’s some pics:


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