Robert Plant Says He “Missed the Mark” in Led Zeppelin, When He Was Singing About “Lord of the Rings”

Some people think it’s cool that LED ZEPPELIN wrote lyrics about “Lord of the Rings” . . . but ROBERT PLANT doesn’t necessarily see it that way in retrospect.

He said some of his work was great, but he “missed the mark” with some of that stuff . . . quote, “My peer group were writing substantial pieces of social commentary, and I was willowing along the Welsh borders thinking about Gollum.

“I liked what I did, but now I look at it and go ‘Wooh, that was a bit iffy.’ But I do like ‘Stairway to Heaven’. I can look at it objectively. I can’t always get my head around it, but it does do something substantial.”

(It’s worth pointing out that “Stairway to Heaven” has withstood the test of time . . . for nearly 50 YEARS. So, he’s nitpicking himself a bit.)

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