Sammy Hagar / David Lee Roth Van Halen Tour?

Former Van Halen star Michael Anthony believes that “Right Now” is the perfect time for the legendary band to embark on a tour featuring both David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar.

Anthony was asked in new interview about idea, which was recently floated by Hagar, that the band launch a tour that would feature both singers performing with the band. He told SiriusXM (via Blabbermouth),

“I think now’s the time, especially if you listen to some of the interviews [Hagar has been] doing or whatever now. Right now, he’s saying the proper way to do a Van Halen tour, he’s saying, ‘Let’s do it with Dave and myself.'”

He then explained how such a tour might work. “If we did, like, an hour with one singer and then an hour with another singer, you never know, there might be a lot of people that don’t wanna come for the first hour, or don’t wanna come for the second singer, or whatever.

“This way you mix it up and everybody’s gotta stay for everything. And believe me, if something like that came to fruition, I guarantee there wouldn’t be one person who would leave that show disappointed with anything, with either singer, probably.”

The bass player then said that such a tour could happen only if “everybody was equally excited to do it. Because you don’t wanna go out and have it be work, you don’t wanna do it and have people say, ‘Well, they’re doing it just for the money,'” he explained. “I wanna truly go out there and just kick ass and give the people everything, and that’s what it would have to be.”


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