Were Sammy Hagar and Ted Nugent Responsible for Breaking Up Styx?

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STYX broke a lot of people’s hearts when they split up back in 1984, when America was still TOTALLY rocking out to “Mr. Roboto”. And now, we know who to blame: SAMMY HAGAR and TED NUGENT.

It happened when Sammy was opening up for Styx. Ted came out to join him for an encore . . . a cover of “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin . . . and it was wild.

Sammy says, quote, “Not only did I blow up the Trans Am on stage, and smash my guitar into the speakers and blow my speakers up, but Ted Nugent comes jumping over the drum riser, lands on the ground and we go into that for an encore.

“And it’s like, ‘Styx will be right out, ladies and gentlemen.'” Ted adds, quote, “By the time they hit the stage, 60% of the audience went, ‘I don’t want to ruin this high I just got on.'”

Sammy says, quote, “[They] came out with ‘Mr. Roboto’. [Tommy Shaw] told me straight up, ‘I quit the band after that’ . . . we actually broke Styx up!”

Tommy went on to found Damn Yankees with Ted in 1989. But no one could break Styx up forever. After a brief reunion without Tommy in 1990, he rejoined the band in 1995 and has been with them ever since.

(As Styx fans know, Tommy was already fed up with singer Dennis DeYoung and his whole “Mr. Roboto” project. So while that concert might have been the breaking point, it’s not the REASON he left.)

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