Are These the Seven Best Live Rock Albums of All Time?

The album art for Kiss' Alive!
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The album art for Kiss’ Alive!

“Billboard” put together a list of ‘The Seven Best Live Rock Albums of All Time,’ and they specifically said that this is for albums that ROCK . . . so ‘unplugged’ ones didn’t count. The list isn’t ranked. Here they are:

  1.  “Alive”, Kiss, 1975
  2.  “Live at Budokan”, Cheap Trick, 1979
  3.  “Live at Woodstock”, Jimi Hendrix, 1999 . . . but recorded in 1969
  4.  “Before the Flood”, Bob Dylan and The Band, 1974
  5.  “Frampton Comes Alive!”, Peter Frampton, 1976
  6.  “Live at Leeds”, The Who, 1970
  7.  “Kick Out the Jams”, MC5, 1969


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