Singer Stephen Pearcy Has Quit Ratt

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RATT singer STEPHEN PEARCY has QUIT the band. Stephen is 54 now . . . and apparently, he’s, like, TOTALLY OVER THE DRAMA.

In a statement, he said, quote, “After 30 years, it’s time that I personally part ways with the band. I’m officially done with having anything to do with them . . . due to the constant turmoil, unresolved business . . .

“Personal attacks and threats in the public forum, and most of all, the disrespect to the fans. I’m very content and proud of the legacy and the music I’ve created. This music will live well beyond any of our lifetimes.”

Stephen added that he will “continue to make music and perform live shows.” It’s unclear what Ratt is doing to replace him.

The full Story is here.

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