Slash For Breaking Bad Sequel?

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(Classic Rock) A self-confessed “maniac” wants Slash to star in his Breaking Bad sequel – and hopes to raise $500,000 in the next fortnight to fund it. Larry Shephed admits he’s a complete novice, but says he’s become angry at the quality of writing on his favourite TV shows. His solution is to create Anastasia, a series he hopes will feature Slash and Val Kilmer as US Marshals on the hunt for leading character Walter White and others.
So far he’s managed to raise $1064 for his idea – and upset potential star Kilmer in the process. Shepherd says: “Anastasia picks up where Breaking Bad left off. Walter White’s laying there on the floor and there’s a police officer to the left of his feet. He thinks Walter White’s dead – everybody does.

“Four seconds later a figure comes in. We don’t know the gender, we don’t know who it is – we just see them bend down, pick up Walter by the ankles and drag him out. That’s where we start.”

“The arcs are, is Walter alive? Where is he? And who drugged him out?”

See how Slash and Kilmer fit in here.

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