Slipknot Had to Delay Its Tour with Marilyn Manson, Because Corey Taylor Needed Spinal Surgery

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Slipknot @ Mayhem Festival – Photo Credit: Flickr | Vladimir


SLIPKNOT was supposed to kick off a co-headlining tour with MARILYN MANSON on Thursday in Salt Lake City, but it’s been delayed because Slipknot singer COREY TAYLOR needed, quote, “unplanned spinal surgery.”

There’s no word WHY . . . but now the tour won’t start until June 28th in Nashville. They’re missing 12 dates, but they’ll be rescheduled.

In a Facebook message that includes a picture of Corey in his hospital bed, he said, quote, “I hope you all understand and thanks for always having my back!”

(Check out a list of the postponed dates here.)

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