Spooky Christmas courtesy of Rob Zombie

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PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals) and Rob Zombie have come together to launch a ‘spook Christmas Stocking’.

This fully stuffed stocking comes with a variety of kind-of strange things such as “Vegan Beef Jerky”, “psychedelic vegan lollipops” and of course chocolate and hot cocoa.

“This is for the Holidays. Buy this and help something besides yourself”  – Rob Zombie

In case you didn’t know, Zombie is a prominent Animal Rights Activist and long time vegetarian.    You can purchase the stocking from the PETA Website here.

“Even the undead can enjoy this limited-edition horror-themed holiday gift set from musician and director Rob Zombie.” -PETA

Zombie just released his latest film in Europe and says he’s got something completely different in a near future project.

This is Zombie latest album

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