Steve Perry Performed for the First Time in a Long Time, and So Did Phil Collins

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Singer STEVE PERRY hasn’t performed with JOURNEY since 1991, and he hasn’t performed a solo concert since 1995 . . . but RANDOMLY, he showed up onstage at an EELS concert in Minnesota on Sunday night.

He started by singing the old Eels song “It’s a Mother[effer]”.  The crowd went ballistic . . . and Eels singer MARK EVERETT said, quote, “They don’t applaud like that for me!  I guess I gotta disappear for 25 years!”

So, what’s this all about?  Steve told the crowd, quote, “I love that song . . . when I first met [Mark], I said someday I wanted to sing that song.  And tonight is the first time I’ve ever sang it.”Then, Steve and the Eels performed the Journey classics “Open Arms” and “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin'”.  (Here’s theUNCENSORED video.  The Journey part begins at the 3:55 mark.)

Speaking of musicians coming out of nowhere, PHIL COLLINS returned to the stage to perform two songs, “School of Rock”-style backed by the young musician-students at the Miami Country Day School.

They did Phil’s “In the Air Tonight” and GENESIS’S “Land of Confusion”.  Phil’s last major live performance was four years ago. (Here’s video.)

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