Study Proves Men Are Idiots

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Science just confirmed something we’ve all known forever: Men are idiots.

The “British Medical Journal” decided to prove it, so they took a look at the Darwin Awards . . . those are the awards given out every year to real people who accidentally kill themselves in the stupidest ways possible.

For example, a terrorist who tried to mail a bomb in a package, didn’t put enough postage on it, so it was returned to him . . . and he OPENED it.

There have been 318 awards given out since 1995 that were independently verified as TRUE by the Darwin Awards committee . . . 282 were given to men, and 36 were given to women.

That means 88.7% of the Darwin Award winners are men . . . which is statistically significant proof that men are more likely to be IDIOTS than women.


And if you don’t believe it, here’s a gallery of additional proof.

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