STUDY: Women With Big Hips Are More Likely to Have a One-Night Stand

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Here’s another reason to love ladies who’ve got all sorts of DELICIOUS CURVES.

A new study from the University of Leeds in England found that women with BIG HIPS are the most likely to have a one-night stand with you.

The researchers say there’s a pretty obvious biological reason.  Wide hips make childbirth less TRAUMATIC . . . and less likely to be potentially fatal, so women with wide hips can be a little more sexually liberated.

You figure out the width of someone’s hips by measuring the distance between the tops of the hip bones.  You know those two bones you can see sticking out right around the waist?  The ones that ADAM LEVINE and PINK always show off?  Those are the ones.

Wide hips are at least 14 inches apart.  Small hips are 12 inches apart or less.  Obviously, you’re not going to be able to whip out a tape measure and figure this out as you’re talking to someone . . . so you’ll have to estimate.

(New Zealand Herald)

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