Sublime with Rome Had Their Weed Confiscated . . . and They Think the Linkin Park Dudes Ratted Them Out

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SUBLIME WITH ROME were in Arizona for a music festival this past weekend, and they were smoking some weed . . . as they do. But then, some cops came over and confiscated it, and the band is accusing the LINKIN PARK dudes of SNITCHING on them.

Sublime singer ROME RAMIREZ Tweeted, quote, “Linkin Park called the cops on us and said that they were allergic to pot. Cops came and took all of our weed . . . That just happened, LOL. #Snitches. Linkin NARK.”

According to the police report, it was someone in Linkin Park’s SECURITY who snitched, but they only did so because somebody in Linkin Park is allergic.

However, Linkin Park’s MIKE SHINODA says he has no clue what this is all about. He Tweeted, quote, “LP didn’t ‘call the cops’ on [them] smoking pot. Not sure where the rumor came from. Definitely not my style, bummer it happened.

“If someone was ‘representing the band’ to the cops in the venue about weed smoke, they were out of line.” Sublime’s rep says that Linkin Park felt bad and did offer to replace the weed . . . but Sublime declined, because they’re still ticked off.

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