A Guy is Suing U2 for Stealing One of His Songs . . . In 1991

A songwriter named Paul Rose is accusing U2 of ripping off one of his songs . . . in 1991. (???)

Paul says he sent a demo for a song called “Nae Slappin” to Island Records in 1989, the same year U2 signed to Island. Two years later, U2 released the album “Achtung Baby” . . . which contained a song called “The Fly”. And that’s the one he’s targeting.

Rose says “The Fly”, quote, “copied and incorporated substantial, distinct, important and recognizable portions” of “Nae Slappin”, including the guitar solo, the guitar hook, the percussion, and the, quote, “dimensions of sound.”

He wants at least $5 million, plus attorney’s fees and interest.

Listen to “The Fly” here . . . and grab “Nae Slappin” here.

(The Wrap)

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