The 12 Best Black Friday Fights

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By next Monday, there’ll be plenty of Black Friday footage of people beating each other up to get 50% off a flat screen.

Until then, check out the 12 craziest Black Friday fights from previous years.

That’s the true meaning of Black Friday, right? It’s when people deprive themselves of sleep and then herd themselves into tense situations in sprawling stores where there’s limited stock on big savings.

That’s why we get Thanksgiving out of the way first.

There’s no mercy and no thanks in that kind of situation.

There is, however, a lot of fun in staying home and laughing at people who put themselves in that kind of situation.

Especially since the miracle of technology allows these big Black Friday Fights to get documented every year.

Special thanks to for compiling this list.

Every store seems to become a Brawlmart at some point over the course of a Black Friday, and we have some amazing videos here of the battling consumers out to put a black eye on American’s most horrendous unofficial holiday. Take a look at a deadly dozen clips of consumer craziness, and get convinced to sleep in on that day after Thanksgiving…

Women Go Bat Sh*t Nuts in Victoria’s Secret

Guy Battles Women for TVs

Women Fight for 23 inch TV. Cops Take Them Down.

Crowd Goes Crazy for 5 Dollar Headphones

Woman Goes Crazy on Store Manager in Toys R Us

Customers Have a Feeding Frenzy for 4gb Memory Cards

Philadelphia Women Get in Stun Gun Fight in Mall

Grown Men Fight Over Toy Cars

People Go Crazy for Printer Deals

Mississippi Folk Love Them Towels

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Chaos Breaks Out at the Mall

Xbox One Fight in Texas

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