The Best Job in the World Just Opened Up . . . “Brothel Tester”

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This could be your dream job, bro . . . if you’re the kind of single dude who thinks of ‘dream job’ as “guy who oils up Hawaiian Tropics models,” or “photographer for ‘Juggs’.”

A company in Germany is looking to hire a new BROTHEL TESTER. Prostitution is legal and regulated in Germany, so it’s all legit. You’ll get paid to visit the company’s brothels in Germany, China, and Spain, and have sex with their 120 prostitutes.

Your job is quality control, so you report back on value, safe sex practices, and cleanliness. We assume that means cleanliness of the brothels, not the ladies, but you never know.

The company is looking for someone with a college degree . . . preferably in business . . . and someone who’s fluent in German, and possibly multilingual. Oh, and, quote, “practical experience with many years of brothel visits necessary.”

Applications are due by the 31st. There’s no starting salary listed, but who cares, right?

(Daily Mirror



(You can check the job listing at a website called


BTW, I just heard that Bill Clinton just picked up the book, “Learn German in 48 Hours”, so if you’re gonna apply you should hurry. lol

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