Times Sure Have Changed: High School Yearbook Features Students With the Best Tattoos

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People younger and younger are getting tattoos . . . and the tattoos they’re getting are worse and worse.

So here’s a sign of the times. A guy just posted a photo from his high school yearbook online, and it features students with the best TATTOOS. Or as it says in the yearbook, quote, “Just showin’ off our ink.”

It’s bad enough that so many kids in one high school have tattoos . . . but they also have REALLY poor taste in them. Most of them aren’t even prison-quality.

One says, “Daddy’s Girl” and makes me very uncomfortable. One is the symbol for the Zodiac sign “Cancer” but looks like a “69” tattoo.

And one says, “All the strength you need is inside you,” but the cursive writing is so bad, it reminds you that cursive isn’t taught in schools anymore.

There’s no word on what high school this is, but based on other posts from the guy who put it online, he’s somewhere in Missouri.


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