Video of Metallica’s James Hetfield Falling Into a Hole Onstage

METALLICA performed in Amsterdam on Monday, and during “Now That We’re Dead”, singer JAMES HETFIELD fell into an open TRAP DOOR on the stage.

Fortunately, he only fell about three feet down.  And he didn’t get hurt.

After some stagehands helped him up, he kept on playing.

The trap door had opened just SECONDS before he fell in, so they could bring up some percussion tables.

Afterward, James asked the crowd, quote, “Is everybody okay? . . . Yes, I’m okay. My ego, not so much.  But we’re fine.  Hurt my feelings a little bit.”

(It’s hard to tell if he’s in pain just after he fell . . . or if he’s leaning over because he’s still playing.  It actually looks like he’s trying to keep playing though.  Here’s another angle.  It happens at the 3:45 mark.  You can see the trap door open just before he falls in.)

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