Five Ways Bartenders Rip You Off (So be nice to them and tip well)

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Here are five ways your bartender can rip you off . . .

  1.  Pouring top-shelf booze when you didn’t ask for it.
    Most bartenders use cheap stuff unless you ask for something better.
    But you might need to specify at a nicer place.
  2.  Not mentioning the automatic gratuity, so you tip twice.
    Some bars automatically add a tip once your tab hits a certain point.
    And they don’t usually give you an itemized receipt like waiters do, so they can get away with it.
  3.  Using too much ice. You’d say something about it if your drink tasted weak, so they skimp on the MIXER too.
    That way your drink tastes strong at FIRST, and you give them a good tip.
    Then the ice starts to melt, and it’s not that strong.
  4.  Charging you more for your second drink if you didn’t tip for your first.
    If you notice, they have an excuse ready to go, like they ran out of the cheap tequila they used for your first drink, so they had to use Patrón.
  5.  Pouring cheap booze into expensive bottles.
    Then they use that bottle for drinks where you can’t tell anyway.
    Like if you order a Red Bull and vodka, you won’t be able to tell if they really used Grey Goose.



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