Woah, Really? Chickens Lay Eggs Twice as Big When they Listen to Motorhead

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A British farmer says her chickens lay eggs twice as big when she plays MOTORHEAD for them.

In addition to raising chickens, Anne-Marie Bradshaw also studies animal behavior . . . and she doesn’t just play them Motorhead. They listen to a variety of artists and styles, including classical and MARIAH CAREY.

But she says, quote, “They seem fascinated by it all . . . [But] a bit of ‘Ace of Spades’ is probably their favorite.”

Anne-Marie says music reduces stress in animals . . . and with chickens, that leads to larger eggs.

She says, quote, “I go to see them every day and I just really enjoy having a sing and talking to them . . . I always take the radio down with me and sing along with that to them.”

(Plymouth Herald)

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