Woman Arrested for Calling 911 To Complain About the Sauce Subway Put on Her Pizza

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In case you didn’t know, Subway started making PIZZAS a few months ago.  They’re called Flatizzas . . . it’s a piece of flatbread with sauce and cheese on top.

Flatizzas are so new, we didn’t know they already had DIEHARD fans . . . but apparently, 37-year-old Bevalente Michette Hall of Gastonia, North Carolina is the first.

Bevalente was at a Subway last week and ordered a Flatizza.  But the employees put MARINARA SAUCE on it instead of pizza sauce.

That SEEMS like a very minor difference . . . but not to an old-school Flatizza purist like Bevalente.  I’m sure she remembers back to the good old days of April 2014 when Flatizzas ALWAYS came with pizza sauce.

So she called 911 to report that Subway had used the wrong sauce and wouldn’t make her a new Flatizza.  The 911 dispatcher told her that really isn’t what 911 is for and hung up.  Then . . . Bevalente called AGAIN.

This time, the dispatcher heard her SCREAMING at the employees in the background and sent out a cop, who arrested her for misuse of 911.  She spent three minutes in jail before posting a $2,000 bond.

(Gaston Gazette

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