Woman Catches Husband Having Sex with His Girlfriend . . . And the Girlfriend Beats Up the Wife?

On Saturday night, a 49-year-old woman named Pamela Turney showed up at her estranged husband’s house in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  And if she was hoping to reconcile with him, my guess is that won’t be happening now.

Because after Pamela walked through the front door, which was unlocked, she called out for her husband, and heard his voice coming from the bedroom.

(CAREFUL!)  So she walked in, and found him with his new 38-year-old girlfriend, Vickie Lynn Morgan . . . while they were in the middle of drinking, smoking pot, and having BACKDOOR SEX.

Now, it’s not clear how much time Pamela had to absorb what she was seeing.  But apparently not much, because Vickie jumped out of bed completely naked . . . and started ATTACKING her for walking in on them.

Pamela says she was knocked to the ground three times before she managed to get away.  And she had a black eye and bruises on her face when she talked to police the next morning.

No word yet on whether either are being charged with anything.  But almost exactly one year ago, Vickie was arrested for assault and battery in another incident.  And Pamela was arrested for disorderly conduct back in 2010.

(The Smoking Gun / MugshotsOnline)

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